what is a rack mounted server

It is a hardware that can be placed in the horizontal rack chassis. Multiple servers can fit into it and offer their services to the enterprise. It can perform two functions. They are as follows:

· A rack mounted server serves as a data centre for the enterprise

· The second function it carries out is the hosting, execution as well as management of the application or multiple applications of an enterprise.

It offers the benefit of saving space on floor as it can be placed within a small space in downright horizontal rack position.

What are its components?

This server is made up of several things which are necessary for it to function. Each horizontal server console consists of the following things:

· Processor

· Motherboard

· Input/ output also known an I/O storage resources

All the servers can either work as a whole or an independent unit and in both cases they need a framework of a system which provides power and cooling facility along with the support to the server structurally. Screws are used to provide support to the structure of the servers. These screws prevent the content in the racks from falling on the floor.

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